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QT Life
QT Concierge
QT Concierge

The QT Gold Coast Concierge iPad application is your own little hand held hottie! Always ready with the answer, and with one swish of your fingers you can be on your way to the most delicious lunch (or cheeky vodka) that can be found on the Gold Coast. Inside these virtual pages are the stuff that dreams are made of booze, babes, books, baba ganoush, ballooning, and beds (and all of the other things to see/do/eat on the coast that don’t start with the letter B).

Download the app and QTify yourself with our handpicked faves. It’s ready to rock on all mobile  devices, including Android, Windows and Apple.

Download on the App Store
Or go to the QT Concierge Web App

* The QT Concierge app has been optimised
for iPad or iPhone running iOS 5.0+. Please make
sure you’re running the latest version of Apple’s
software to get the best experience.
Apple and
iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., 
registered in the U.S. and other countries










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