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Children of the 60s

Gold Coast designer Tara Fletcher wanted to create more than just another “fashion label” and moreso see the inception of a fashion destination come to life. A label that would see a cult following from festival goers to beautiful boho goddesses adorned in floral prints, colour and 60’s and 70’s eclectic style. Love St had […]



By Benjamen Judd   We dare anyone to say that they were not completely overwhelmed and uplifted by the sheer glorificous (that IS a word!) exuberance depicted in the Bacchanalian party scenes in Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby. Say what you like about the rest of the film, casting or whatever (personally, we loved it […]


Jess keen to help regain bikini record!

DRESSED in a hot pink, polka-dot bikini, Jessica Young can’t keep it on the QT anymore. The 20-year-old QT Hotel waitress has signed up for the Gold Coast Bikini Parade and has roped in some of her colleagues to try to break the world record on Surfers Paradise beach next month. The Coast held the […]

Elvis combing his hair

The Ducks Ass

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck%27s_Ass + http://www.ehow.com/how_7301159_do-1950s-hair.html#page=1 The duck’s ass is a haircut style that was popular during the 1950s. It is also called the duck’s tail or simply D.A.The D.A. quickly became a stereotypical feature of rebels and nonconformists, and gained popularity especially after the rise of rock ‘n roll legend Elvis Presley, who sported the same look. […]



  By Benjamen Judd We have repeatedly said that we love winter. And we do. Because we like the cold. But what we also love is the anticipation of the pending summer, and part of that process of pending is the gradual release of our favourite labels summer and resort wear. Such as Karen Walker. […]

Talulah chasing rain campaign image creative life shift dress in floral electric pansie print

Threads and Style

By Kobi Facto We’re just loving Threads & Style this month. Gorgeous fashion that won’t break the bank and best of all, you don’t have to leave the house to make a purchase. Ah, the luxuries of modern life. Threads & Style is an online shopping and styling website spearheaded by fabulous Gold Coast local, […]


Merchant & Mills

The ability to sew on a button or hem pants are skills that were once commonplace, but have become somewhat lost with younger generations. English draper Merchant & Mills is doing its best to keep such waning artistry alive with its Selected Notions Box Set. The embossed sewing box comes with removable inserts that accommodate […]

Leather and lace and gold - oh my!

Leather and lace and gold – oh my!

Fashion icons Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith took to the runway to launch Myer’s Autumn Winter Fashion at the heritage listed Mural Hall, Myer Melbourne.   Unmissable highlights for the new season include leather, lace detailing, a return to gold and 60’s styling.   Jennifer Hawkins wowed the 350-strong crowd in a series of slinky, […]



By Benjamen Judd   We love a solid success story. Especially when it comes to the creative industries where often it’s a matter of who you know (or screwed) as opposed to what talents you have.   Brisbane-based independent label, House of Cards, is one such success that resulted from honed skills, creative ingenuity, and […]

Horse rings


By Benjamen Judd If you have ever seen Karl Lagerfeld get ready you would have noticed that he is unable to leave the house without selecting a ring or three for every finger, a necklace, some bracelets, a cuff, some earrings, and several other trinkets for body-parts left unseen.   We like his style. However, […]

lonely-hearts-clube TOBY JONES


By Benjamen Judd It is not often that we come across a jewellery range that is not only visually engaging and pleasing to look at but is also completely original. So when we discovered Toby Jones and his latest collection to say we were in a small state of bliss would be an understatement. After […]


How to get a Mo like Leo

Men desperate for a full moustache are heading to Turkey to undergo facial hair transplants. The procedure is a booming industry for plastic surgeons thanks to the increase of celebrities sporting a ‘stache. The operation, called follicle hair extraction, entails doctors removing follicles of hair from other parts of the body and implanting on the […]

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Meet the Klims

One of our fave Aussie power couples, Michael and Lindy Klim were at QT Gold Coast for a spot of relaxation and we got this gorgeous snap of Lindy. How gorgeous is she?!


Fashion Week babes.

Now that Fashion week and awards has come to a close, we pay homage to the babes who braved the runway.   Pic courtesy of tyrenewaithmua via Instagram — at QT Gold Coast.

Secret South


By  Benjamen Judd We are fond of a cult label. Particularly those mercurial ones that are not afraid to evolve into bigger and better things. Such as Sydney-based label the-designers-formerly-known-as Secret Squirrel. Who are now the designers known as Secret South.   The move to change their name reflects the evolving style and ethos of […]

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