Jennifer Steinkamp in QT’s Orbit

“Jennifer Steinkamp installations frequently induce a level of immersion that is unusual”.

Christopher Bedford, Jennifer Steinkamp, Artforum New York, NY. February 2010) pp. 210-211.

When you view the arresting installation in the lobby of QT Gold Coast you become immersed in the light and shadow of ‘Orbit’. This original piece, designed for the space, is the depiction of the celestial planet spinning through its year. The leaves and flowers of the trees are blown by turbulent winds conveying the passage of time.

The generous and vivid colours intermeshed with the movements of the design are a stark contrast to the wide open and clean space of the QT foyer. When not the hub of QT guests and staff, the passageway turns into a monument to the digital design arching over the space and lines the white walls of the foyer in the shadows of the vines and leaves being tossed around in the digital art work.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter are shown on the splendid yet wholly unnatural tree giving the property a sense of experiencing four seasons in one day. You may find yourself mesmerised as you walk through the lobby past this piece of art, and we suggest that taking the time to enjoy its full change of seasons is a must.

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