The Art of SJ Lingerie

By Benjamen Judd

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Our annual QT Fashion Week and Awards is once again just a memory – and what a memory it was! We were truly blessed to meet and spend time with some of the most talented young designers that have huge futures ahead of them. And speaking of huge talents and careers, we were lucky enough to recently attend the launch of Gold Coast based lingerie label, SJ Lingerie, and if what we saw on the night is anything to go by, well, a lot of husbands around here are in for a treat.

You could say lingerie is to women what the Batman is to Bruce Wayne – an empowering costume hidden behind the façade of daily wear only infinitely more sensual (although Batman had his moments). Initially launched in 2005 as Sally Jones, the 2014 transformation to SJ heralded a new darker, more sophisticated look to the label offering the women of Australia a range of lingerie that feels just as amazing as it looks.

Locally made in Australia using the finest fabrics, silks and lace, sourced predominantly from France and throughout Europe, SJ Lingerie’s debut 2014 collection, ‘Bold Romance’ uses a more refined colour palette of black, nude and ivory across the collections under the monikers Vixen, Raw and Pearl respectively. Each range has its own distinct look and feel while remaining true to the core SJ aesthetic, which emphasises elegance above all else.

Sally Jones herself has been involved in the lingerie industry in Australia for over 20 years, a career that has included owning her own lingerie boutique and designing for other major brands. This has given Sally unparalleled experience and knowledge in the field of women’s lingerie, both in style and construction. Add to that the fact that Sally is joined by her friend and business partner of six years, Katie Rackley, who works as creative director of the label, and you literally have yourself the Batman and Robin of
women’s undergarments.

SJ Lingerie’s latest collection, Bold Romance, is now available online with shipping available across Australia.




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