Bec is the best!

Originally from New Zealand, Australia has been my home for the last 3 years. I LOVE it! I often think about how lucky I am as I cruise along the beach on my bike to a job I love so much.   Skincare is my biggest passion, I love to learn about ingredients and how they specifically enhance the skin.

I love to educate our guests about how to care for their unique skin type …it gives me a great sense of satisfaction! Seeing the results that can be achieved with natural skin care products is incredible. My passion for products has lead me to take the reigns of our new on-line shop at

Although I never saw myself as a “techy”, combining the convenience of web technology with my skin care knowledge, alows me to be in touch with more people, helping them to find the most perfectly suited products for them.

Lot’s of love Bec!

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