Bicycle taxidermy

one’s wood-filled study. Or it’s weird and creepy, with the sad beady eyes of animals that have been conquered or have passed away always looking on.

But in a less frightful, more inventive approach to taxidermy, which is also a good show of recycling, comes bicycle taxidermy. With examples of these repurposed works adorning the walls of the cafe at Alfred & Constance, we thought we’d hunt down a method for how to create them yourself.

Started by UK designer Regan Appleton while a student at the Royal College of Art, Bicycle Taxidermy was inspired by his dad’s collection of discarded bicycles. To create your own plaque from scratch, simply re-appropriate the handlebars from an old bike (and the seat if desired), removing the brakes and handle grips. If you’re handy with wood and have a jigsaw on hand, you can cut out your own wooden plaque, or take the quick route and buy one from a craft store. To attach, source pipe straps from your local hardware store – taking along your handlebars to get the correct size – before securing it all in place.

Loving these super groovy designs.

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