Broken Lock is our new must have.

Broken Lock is an independent locally owned and operated, handmade jewellery brand exploding onto the scene in Melbourne. Based loosely around nautical/pin up artwork and inspired by the traditional tattoo aesthetic, we love the way these pieces hang from our bodies.

In a small studio in Melbourne, the works are put together from scratch. Each has it’s own story, and has a way of making you feel like you have just pinched something from a very cool persons jewellery box. Adam Faingold, the artist is heavily into the local music and skate scenes, and there is a raw power that the bulky silver puts out, like you could go for a skate, drink your fill of jack and cokes, and then head to work all before 9am. 

So, if you are looking for some statement pieces check this guy out.

He also does custom engagement and wedding rings in rose gold/just gold, so if you are like me and the big ‘ole solitaire diamond is definitely not your cup of tea, go to Adam and take your inspirations with you to make sure that those rings on your finger are ones that aren’t going to clash with your style for the rest of your life.


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