Cassette’s are better.

By Benjamen Judd.

Sydney based brand The Cassette Society classes itself as a paradox…a mix of strength and frivolity; confident and quirky. Obviously, we here at QT relate to all of these and have thus embraced the brand as one of our own.

With a keen sense of what is working right now at street level fashion, the Cassette Society is a definite go-to label for the weekend. Animal prints, flashy fabrics and distressed detailing make for a thinking woman’s biker-chick chic aesthetic. See, even more paradoxes…

The brand is also fond of a collaboration, having worked with other Australian brands such as Sportsgirl, Ugg and even homegrown cosmetic label Bloom in recent years, building upon the multi-faceted look and feel of the label.

This winter saw the label release some lust-worthy fitted overalls; chunky knits and tailored shirts, all of which made their way into our wardrobes. A particular highlight is the cropped silver jacket we intend to bust out at our next peach-tea cocktail night.

For more information, head to the website here.

The Cassette Society is also available to buy online at the Grand Social or at General Pants.

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