A Day on the Green At the Croquet Club

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We don’t know about you but the image of Winona Ryder’s head being hit by a croquet ball in the iconic, and life-lesson filled, film Heathers is one that is seared in our memory. And has fuelled our love for the game ever since which is why we are planning on spending some casual Sundays in very serious play down at the Southport Croquet Club.

Like all good things, croquet was invented by the Irish before being taken up by the British not too long after. The sport was quickly taken up and celebrated by the public, being one of the very few activities that women were able to take part in with men without there being any ‘disadvantage’. It has since become the past time of the gentry, a game of skill and cunning and really a great excuse to get up in some cute digs for an afternoon. And maybe a drink or two.

To play, one does have to be a member at the club which normally requires some Mason level introductions by an already inducted member. Or, if you don’t know anyone who is a Croquet Player you should check the clubs page on the Croquet Queensland site and find the listing for Southport (in fact, just click the link above. We’ve already done it for you). Contact the Secretary of that club and arrange for a free introductory game of Croquet and what will no doubt be the beginning of a very long relationship.

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