Ingrid Verner Is Bringing the Winter Magic

By Benjamen Judd

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You can feel the seasonal change in the air happening. Summer is gradually pulling away and we are about to enter the Gold Coast’s version of winter, or what we like to call an extended spring. And while the temperature may never drop to the same inhumane levels that our poor southern neighbours might suffer it does sometimes warrant a little more than just a bikini. So it’s bloody lucky that Melbourne-based designer and vision-aire extraordinaire, Ingrid Verner, has made her latest collection available online for us to get our hungry fingers on.

Dubbed White Wash (don’t let the name fool you, there are plenty of greys and blacks in there), the collection is an array of sharp-as-a-razor separates that are killing us with the details. A quilted coat that looks (and feels) like your favourite doona; additional arms attached to everything to tie about your waist so as to give that sassy yet casual nonchalant feel; and to say their print game is on point doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. Our winter wardrobe is pretty much set!

What we like most about this latest range to come from one of Australia’s most fascinating and talented yet still under-praised designers is the focus on comfort – things are loose, soft and completely suited to a day on the lawns with a couple of gins on ice or lounging about on the sofa with a couple of gins on ice and a pizza. It’s a win win collection that is saving us from ever having to think about what to wear again!

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