Ladies, start your engines with a sexy WRXy

We all know that the GC is fond of fast cars, and even gives it’s roadways up to the cause for the 600 each October. We also know that for entertainment that’s going to hit the spot of the QT cutie, the roar of a V8 will make us purr like a kitten.

Get your hands around the stick of a Subaru WRX STi Rally Car, fully equipped with the latest technology and fitted with race prepared equipment including roll cage, five point racing harness and race interior.

Receive a Driver’s briefing and one-on-one tuition with a professional instructor. Helmet on, you’ll be buckled into the Driver’s Seat with 350 horse power roaring under your right foot! The purpose built gravel circuit guarantees you an unforgettable adrenalin pumping, sideways action experience.

Choose from the Special Stage 1 Rally – Where y ou drive for four exhilarating laps of the circuit, Special Stage 2 Rally – Six adrenalin filled laps for the time of your life, Special Stage 3 Competition Rally – Ten laps of thrilling fun and Special Stage 4 Advanced Competition for the ultimate thrilling session.

Prefer to be a passenger, then the Ultimate Thrill Ride is for you. Choose from one, two or three Hot Laps. Guaranteed thrills.

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