We Love Our Timberlands

By Benjamen Judd

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In case you missed it, the desert boot is done. Done. And good riddance, too. They’ve had a good run for the past three years but it’s time for something new. Enter…Timberland’s Classic 6-inch boot.

In actual fact, this is a re-entry. The humble work boot was a huge hit back in the 90s during the hip hop peak and worn by everyone from Sean Combs, Wil Smith when he was still a Fresh Prince and the ladies of TLC. Anybody who was anybody had a pair of wheat coloured boots. And the boots that had to be had were Timberlands.

The makers of the original yellow boot, Timberland was started in the picturesque US State of New England – a landscape that has clearly inspired the design and make of the shoe. Before they were made famous in the music scene, these were the boots favoured by labourers and adventurers alike, known for their verging on the invincible hard-wearing and their extreme comfort. Which makes them perfect for the urban adventurer whose greatest hurdle is probably some uneven tiles on the footpath.

Just in time for winter, the guys at Timberland have released some new colours to the range. While we adore the classic 6-inch in wheat (timeless, truly timeless) the new shades of black and grey are out of this world awesome and perfect for wet weekends and inner city stomping.

Word of advice though – don’t be precious. In fact, go out of your way to get these puppies as worn in as possible because they truly look and feel better with age.

Timberland boots are available online and in-store at Culture Kings.

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