Put The Good Mousse In, Client Liaison Are Coming

By Benjamen Judd

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So we happen to have heard a rumour that the awesomeness that is Client Liaison are going to be heading up north and performing at one of our favourite bars, Elsewhere, on May 2. Luckily, this rumour turned out to be true because we would have gone full kamikaze in the streets had they not.

With a mere trio of singles under their belt Client Liaison have already accomplished an awful lot. 2012’s debut single and ode to Twentieth Century Australian cultural iconography ‘End Of The Earth’ set in motion a year of live successes punctuated by the closing set at Golden Plains 2013 which saw them bring the elegance and sophistication of the business world to the Supernatural Amphitheatre, portable fax machine and all.

During that same year, which even included the release of power ballad ‘Feeling’, the Melbourne-based duo with the fashion sense of Deirdre Chambers out of Muriel’s Wedding were packing the floors and grounds with fans as they performed at some of the top music festivals the nation has to offer.

This will be a night bad dancing, badder fashions and some serious overuse of hairspray the likes have not been seen since Leo Sayer toured.

Client Liaison will play live at Elsewhere on Friday, May 2.

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