Say This Ten Times Quickly.

Sydneysiders are fond of a bag. Be it a satchel, a backpack, a tote, a carry-all or even just one those supermarket environmentally friendly bags. We just need something to put all our stuff in. What all that stuff is, we have no idea. We here at QT are just as guilty of everyone else in our fair city of carrying around lots of things for no real reason other than…to have an amazing bag.

Boyfrengirlfren is an adorable online brand we found on Etsy that sells a multitude of good things but it was the bags that mostly caught our attention. Reasonably sized to carry all those bits of toot we ‘need’ on a daily basis without tempting us to add more, there are backpacks, purses and pouches to choose from. They all come in a series of cute colours and prints but best of all they’re super cheap! Winning!

One that we have our eye on is the fantastic red backpack, The People Book Bag. The little people print stole the show for us.

Check them out on Etsy!

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