Sunshine Coast Beach Bash

By Benjamen Judd

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As much as we encourage anyone who comes to visit us on the Gold Coast to relax as hard as possible, getting outside and amongst it is equally as fun. And amongst it you can at the annual Sunshine Coast Beach Bash on Saturday, July 19 to Sunday July 20 (although you may need to spend additional time down in SpaQ, just to even things out).

Set up on the pristine beaches of our very own Sunshine Coast, The Beach Bash is a 17-piece obstacle course spread across 6-8 kilometres of sand. Luckily for us there are different levels of difficulty, which means you have the option of going all out hardcore ‘Hunger Games’ in the Challenge Course; or the slightly milder Adventure Course (great for families or anyone who just wants an active morning outside in the sun). There is even a Junior Beach Bash for 4-10 year olds. Since we have the fitness level of a radish, we’ll try and swindle our way in to that last one.

The event does take place on the beach so you will get wet. However, rest assured that this is not a swimming race – all your challenges will be taking place on the sand. Trust us, that will be hard enough!

The Sunshine Coast Beach Bash will take place on Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20. Online registration is now open.

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