The Delta Riggs Are Coming

By Benjamen Judd

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Like a reincarnated conceptual version of Oasis, the Beatles and even a little bit of Supergrass for good measure, The Delta Riggs are quickly becoming our band of the month. Lucky for us they are about to kick off their national tour, Supersonic Casualties, which includes a lovely stop over at East 88 at Broadbeach on Sunday, April 27.

Re-forged from the fires of a week-long tenure in New York city during a brisk October in 2013, The Delta Riggs have since been riding on a creative high that was inspired by the ‘hecticity’ (thanks Xtina) that they were embroiled in at the time.

Drawing from this & other experiences abroad, The Delta Riggs have channeled a different beast to create their second album. Still full of swagger and fuelled with Elliott Hammond’s whiskey soaked vocals, with an undercurrent of experimentation, urban groove and vocal melodies clearly definable in each track. Dipz Zebazios is a huge progression dynamically and musically from the band’s Australian Music Prize nominated debut Hex.Lover.Killer and highlights the ambitions of a group unwilling to sit at idle.

A sprinkle of influence can be heard from touring alongside fellow genre-benders Primal Scream & Divine Fits but it’s the production and rhythmic values of The Roots, Jurassic Five and Outkast that really stand out.

Whilst the new sounds and approaches show depth and a willingness to push their songwriting to new places, they’ve maintained the core elements, which makes them such a special live force. In-line with their ethos of capturing a true moment, DZ was tracked live over just 3 Days in December, once again self-produced by the band.

Book a nanny, organise a neighbour to walk the dog and feed the cat because you are definitely not going to want to miss out on seeing these guys live!

The Delta Riggs will perform live at East 88 on Sunday, April 27.

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