By Benjamen Judd


We dare anyone to say that they were not completely overwhelmed and uplifted by the sheer glorificous (that IS a word!) exuberance depicted in the Bacchanalian party scenes in Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby. Say what you like about the rest of the film, casting or whatever (personally, we loved it and thought he did a fine job) but the man sure does know how to throw a good shebang on film.

If, like us, these images have now been scarred forever in to your memory as what a good party looks like you will be pleased to know that the fine folk at the Arts Centre Gold Coast feel much the same. This month they are launching a series of parties called the Gatsby Experience which will aim at capturing the essence and style of the opulent, roaring 20s.

Once there, you will be treated to a night of fine food and enjoy a spectacular musical tribute to the elegance of the 20s, dripping diamonds, flouncing feathers, swinging tassels, romantic moods and boot legging gangsters as The Gatsby Experience take over The Arts Centre Gold Coast for an evening you will never forget.

The Gatsby Experience is a spectacular musical tribute to the elegance of the 20s, dripping in diamonds, feathers, and romantic moods. From swinging tassels to moody jazz, event captures those hazy nights as a perfect representation of the 20s.

The Gatsby Experience at the Arts Centre Gold Coast will run from Friday, November 20 for selected dates until Saturday December 14. To get your tickets to swing, head here.

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