Toni and Guy, Broadbeach. Hair saviours.

There are good days, there are bad days, and then there are days when you wake up after having gone to the hairdresser the day before and don’t recongnise yourself in the bathroom mirror. Yesterday was one of those days.

After a particularly horrendous trip to another hairdresser, I googled ‘Toni and Guy’ (because when I had lived in St Kilda I frequented their Fitzroy Street salon and I loved them). Seeing the hair colour in the reflection on my computer screen was telling me that yes, this is one head of red hair that you are not going to be able to fix yourself. Not a hint of the dark blonde with platinum pink highlights I had been looking for. Just red. Well red, orange, yellow, and a kind of browny-green colour. Hideous.

Thanks be that they fit me in (and it was only 10 minutes away from my workplace). I booked in at 10.30, stuck to the girls directions on how to get there (park under the Oasis Shopping Centre in Broadbeach then walk across to the Oracle building). Got there on time (and as incognito as I could be with a flaming head of hair), and began the mammoth task of fixing the mess.

It was Toni and Guy heaven from the second I stepped in . There was no judgement on the mess they were now charged with fixing. Just a quiet consideration by the colourist, who then old me the best we could hope to get out of the situation. The best was to be a head of brown hair and a big cut of the ends (that were now at a fraggle rock stage of frizz).

I nodded solemnly (anything was going to be better than the current fiasco). My hair was then painstakingly brought back from it’s nightmare through 5 hours of colour work and a hour of cutting and drying.

I walked out of Toni and Guy with a head of hair that is not something that would require people who are having a face-to-face conversation with me to wear sunglasses, and more confidence (due to not looking like a loony toon anymore).

So, for hair emergencies, go to Toni and Guy Broadbeach. It’s important that once you find a good hairdresser you stick with them. Otherwise, you could be headed for a massive eeeeek moment! Thankyou ladies. Not only were you great at your job, but you were both lovely women! Bonus.

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