By Benjamen Judd


If there is one thing that can send even the most mild mannered person over the edge it’s shopping for the perfect fit in a pair of jeans. Not only is the process of trying them on only to find out your body isn’t built like a store mannequin completely gutting (HA! Pun.) but it’s the complete lack of options that you can find in the stores right now (if we want to wear high-waisted mum jeans we should be able to get them!).

But like an answer to our prayers Australian denim couturiers, Neuw Denim in collaboration with fellow Aussie brands Rollas and Abrand, have developed SERVICE – a brand new e-commerce site where you can shop some of the best collections in denim available in Australia at the moment. Known for their ability to combine innovation with classic construction, one the main reasons that Neuw remains our favourite brand in denim is their ability to take traditional denim styles and remaster them in contemporary ways. Each pair of jeans is like wearing a pair of history made just for you. That and they’re just some damn good-looking jeans.

But it’s not only denim that is on offer – SERVICE is an online style destination with their very own e-zine that provides you with updates on trends and styles in the denim world plus additional information on the brand and their philosophy. And mastering the art of denim IS a philosophy, as anyone who has experienced the perfect pair can attest to. Best of all, the whole point of SERVICE means that you can now do all this without even getting out of bed! Bless you.

For more information, and to start your Neuw collection, head to SERVICE here.

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