Why The Village Markets Are A Must

By Benjamen Judd

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Every city has their secret markets where they go to get their treasure hunt fix and we here at the Gold Coast are no different. In fact, we probably do it better because, well, look at us and look where live! We’ve been to a lot of markets (a LOT of markets) and after each one we see we always end up appreciating just a little bit more our very own Village Markets.

Held on the first and third Sunday of every month in Burleigh Heads and the lovely Paradise Point on the fourth Sunday, The Village Markets is a wonderful collection of eclectic fashion, vintage goods, local handmade craft and art as well as a whole number of bits and bobs that you never realised you needed until you see it.

Founded in October 2008, the aim of TVM is to create a platform for talented emerging designers, creatives and vintage collectors to showcase their wares, as well as providing a much needed regular cultural event for the region.

It’s easy to understand why shoppers flock to TVM to browse the amazing lineup of stalls on offer, catch up with friends, laze on the lawn with a freshly brewed coffee in hand, devour the delicious selection of gourmet eats, listen to live local musicians in the sunshine, network with likeminded people and enjoy the outdoor environment. It pretty much sums up everything we’re all about up here on the Gold Coast – fun, relaxation, great community and the opportunity to find bargain.

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