Ethically divine at the Blue Caravan


Ethically divine at the Blue Caravan

Blue Caravan is undoubtedly one of the best breakthrough Australian sites of 2011. Sitting pretty in the very now ‘ethical business’ niche, this online design market promotes fair and ethical trade by promoting companies who have only the highest standards of care in both personnel and product.

In their own words:

Bluecaravan supports and promotes direct trade with emerging and independent designers. We insist on ethical production both locally and overseas, and we love fair trade or sweat-free certification.

We believe that objects ‘warmed’ by designers, artists and artisans have a quality like no other… and that ‘ethical’ is no longer a choice separated from style and design.

Bluecaravan is a venue for buyers and sellers of all things independently
designed and ethically made.  It’s about lovely, interesting and edgy products – beautifully finished, made with heart, and bought directly from the designer/maker.

This is a business worth investing your cash and karma in. Tell the world that Blue Caravan is making tracks. Designers like me&oli are getting on board and making an impact on the design scene with pieces such as the me&oli A bird in the hand sweet nothing dress you see here.

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