Kanye’s way or the highway


Notorious for his sense of fashion, and his passion for making sure that Beyonce is not being put in the corner, this scarer of mid western models (we are still wondering if Taylor Swift suffers from post Kanye traumatic shock syndrome) may be a bit of an oddity in terms of his people skills but his skills as a musician are certainly not to be questioned.

From his beginnings in rap and r&b, to his current rap/pop fusion of sounds, we know that Kanye is going from strength to strength and is deftly reinventing his sound to stay ahead of the market trends that so heavily dictate the style of artists in the digital era.

If you don’t get a chance to check him out at the Big Day Out, make sure to book into a side show (featuring Sneaky Sounds System). It is sure to be well worth the price.


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