spaQ Accessories

Create your own designer spa experience by accessorising with these sybaritic embellishments. Here’s the idea: start with a core treatment of one hour plus (like a massage, for example) and then accessorise to create your own version of spa perfection. Have fun with it, and feel free to ask for the help of one of our spa specialists if you need some stylist pointers.

(30 mins / $65)
We’ve taken everybody’s-favourite foot rub and tweaked it to sublime perfection. Tired, over-worked and under nourished feet will be smoothed, soothed and spruced with an invigorating wild thyme foot pumice, and refreshed and cooled with a eucalyptus essential oil infusion. Then comes the rub – a reflex-esque style massage from your toes to knees, using
a capsicum, menthol and wintergreen blend to put some sizzle back into your step.

(30 mins / $65)
To create complete indulgence, combine this Uspa facial with any of our body treatments. Suitable for any skin type, it incorporates powerful plant serums, mud therapies, and essential oils of the purest and highest grade. This express treatment is a complexion booster and includes cleanse, a relaxing massage, hydrating compresses, toning
and moisturising.

(30 mins / $65)
This treatment is tailored to target specific areas that are screaming out for attention. Whether it’s muscle aches and pains, back tension or neck tightness, our therapists will focus their skills on unwinding the area of your choice.

(30 mins / $65)
Get glossy healthy locks with this intensely hydrating and restorative China bark hair mask, designed to strengthen your hair and make it more damage resistant. We’ll draw out
the whole application process with a meltingly-momentous scalp massage. A steamy head wrap helps the restorative ingredients to penetrate the hair, while your therapist will be working on upping the pleasure factor with a deeply relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Benefits are intensified by leaving the hair mask in
the hair.