spaQ Facial Therapy

spaQ facials are prescribed and custom blended just for you. We’ll ease you into your treatment with a welcome ritual; the idea is to get you to floaty relaxed la-la land as quickly as possible. We’ll be using highly energetic plant extracts, restorative clay blends, amazing aromas and therapeutic lymphatic massage to transform your skin and your mood.

(90 mins / $195)
A complexion-curing combination of holistic touch and highly active plant extracts. After an assessment of what your skin needs right now, your facial specialist will select techniques and products to deliver the best results. you will enjoy a welcoming back massage,a deep cleanse, exfoliation, masks, cell therapy and a therapeutic face and scalp massage, followed by an eye contour wrap to take care of the delicate eye area. your “U” facial is complete with customised hydration to nourish and protect.

(60 mins / $130)
If you have dry and devitalised skin that’s crying out for a moisture boost, then this is the facial for you! Gentle exfoliation, restorative clays and nourishing oils high in essential fatty acids drench the skin to increase hydration and restore normal function. harmonising essential oil goodies include regenerative rose, jasmine, evening primrose and calendula. your skin will be supple with improved elasticity and hydration.

(60 mins / $130)
Ideal for brightening and repairing prematurely ageing skin. Uspa utilises potent antioxidant vitamin C to re- establish the defences in the skin that protect against environmental damage. Gently refining the skin with therapeutic botanicals of fruit enzymes provides instant radiance and increased collagen support for improved skin elasticity. A more bright and youthful skin will emerge.

(60 mins / $130)
Cleanse and detoxify congested or imbalanced skin. Purification begins with gentle willow bark extract exfoliation for the pores and deep cleansing mud therapy. Powerful plant extracts of birch, vetiver, burdock and juniper effectively balance excess oil production to reduce inflammation, congestion and breakouts. your skin will feel refreshed and nourished.

(60 mins / $130)
The perfect cure for skin with a dull, rough and tired appearance. Uspa’s botanical alpha hydroxy fruit acid treatment refines the surface of the skin allowing a more radiant complexion to emerge. Uspa’s blend of refining clays removes impurities from the skin, assists in a reduction of the appearance of fine lines, unevenness, age spots and roughness. your newly refined skin will be softer and smoother.

(60 mins / $130)
To calm and balance stressed skin conditions. Redness, blotchiness, irritation and puffiness are common in many sensitive skin conditions. This facial is designed to reduce these sensitivities while improving skin resistance. Uspa products containing soothing gotu kola, chamomile, jojoba and calendula plant extracts restore the skin’s balance resulting in a healthier looking complexion.

(60 mins / $130)
From Uspa’s Supernatural men’s range we bring you a facial experience to boost your manly mojo. Purifying clays and finely ground bamboo prepare the skin for a stress relieving massage with a potent combo of sandalwood, licorice root and soothing azulene to balance sensitivities caused by environmental exposure and shaving. Argan oil, known as “pure gold “ in Morocco, delivers essential fatty acids to the skin, helping to boost healthy cell regeneration. This therapeutic holistic facial includes a deeply relaxing scalp massage and foot massage.