spaQ Nails

We found an incredible natural product that works a treat. Zoya has great colours and amazing staying power with the colour lock system. You’ll be impressed, and impressive!
Combining Zoya with Uspa is genius! And makes for the perfect treat for your hands or feet.

(30mins / $60)
For all the busy bodies out there, this quick pedi pick-me-up will have you sandal-ready in a twinkle! The focus is on toe-nail grooming essentials like shaping, buffing, cuticle care and your choice of a stylish Zoya polish.

(30mins / $60)
For pretty nails… pronto! Transform your hands in a flash including shaping, buffing, cuticle care and of course your choice of a spectacular Zoya polish.

(60mins / $110)
Feet as fancy as your Gucci shoes. In the comfort of our spa suites your foot therapy begins with a warm wild thyme foot pumice. Next we’ll perform a series of nail care techniques to trim, shape and buff your nails. Before applying your choice of Zoya varnish, along with the genius colour lock system, we’ll treat your feet and legs to a luxurious warm stone massage.

(60mins / $110)
Complete care for your nails and hands. you deserve it! We’ll start with a gentle bamboo polish to the hands and arms, to reveal smoother and more youthful looking skin. Next it’s down to the detail with some serious nail care wizardry, guaranteed to beautify your hands and nails. As a finishing touch, an arm and hand massage with a tangy tangerine and rose nourishing moisturiser.